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TriPollar Stop Anti-Age Clinical Skin Renewal Device For Face, Neck & HandsDevice For Face, Neck & Hands

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The Stop Anti-Ageing Device from TriPollar is a non-invasive, anti-ageing treatment tool for use on your face, neck and hands, with Radio Frequency Technology that works to temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Complete with Stop Preparation Gel, uniquely formulated to prepare your skin for the treatment, use this fantastic anti-ageing set to help improve your skin’s appearance – all in the comfort of your own home!

Tried and tested – a clinically-tested, non-invasive natural solution that has been shown to help improve the appearance of age-related wrinkles. In a clinical study of 23 women, 95% demonstrated a visible improvement after 12 weeks of continued use.

Easy to use at home – use this superb treatment in the relaxing atmosphere of your own home, with the option of giving yourself a full facial treatment that takes around 20 minutes per session. Alternatively, you can also use the beauty device for shorter treatments, to target specific areas of concern on your face, neck or hands.

Includes Preparation Gel – prepare your skin for use before using the Stop Skin Renewal device with the included full-size pot of TriPollar Preparation Gel, uniquely formulated to prepare your skin for use before the heating power of the device.

Triple the time to try – we’ve extended our 30 day money back guarantee, giving you 90 days to make the most of trying out the benefits of this system.

Colour options:

  • White
  • Black


  • TriPollar Stop Skin Renewal device – suitable for all skin types and tones
  • TriPollar Stop Preparation Gel (50ml; full size) – use with your device for between 12 – 15 treatments
  • Power supply
  • Electrical outlet adaptor
  • User manual

How to use:

  • To get started, cleanse and dry the treatment area
  • The treatment area should be divided into a number of smaller focus areas
  • Apply a thin layer of the preparation gel to the skin
  • Place the device to the skin’s surface and move it in very slow, circular and figure of eight motions across the area
  • Once your treatment is finished, remove the preparation gel from your face with a damp cloth. You can also cleanse your face if you wish, this will not interfere with results
  • A full facial treatment should take around 20 minutes
  • A total of 2 – 3 sessions are recommended per week for the first 4 weeks, always leaving a day of rest in-between treatments
  • Follow this up with 1 session a week for the next 6 – 8 weeks
  • Continue to use once a week, or as many times as required to maintain results, always leaving a rest period of a day between treatments
  • Do not exceed 2 – 3 treatments per week
  • There may be periods of time where you feel that no weekly treatments are needed
  • Specific areas of concern can also be solely targeted if desired


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